From Dreams to Plans

Three meetings will get your project rolling

  1. Initial idea sharing. This is your chance to spin out your dreams with someone who can make them happen. You will give Steve a tour of the space you want to remodel and share how you envision it in the future. (Click here for the “Before We Meet” Questionnaire.) The creative design process begins. Steve will take photos and measurements to use as he creates several design options. There is no charge for this initial consultation. Following this meeting:
    Steve will: make some preliminary design sketches
    You will: begin to look at material selection (e.g. fixtures, flooring, etc.)

  2. Sketches Review (1 to 2 weeks later). Steve will present sketches of several design options for your project. Together you will review the options and explore the pros and cons of various designs. Steve will give you ballpark costs for the project. Once you have decided on a direction you will sign a contract for the design and pay a deposit toward the design fee. (The design fee will be credited to the job when you sign a contract for construction.) Following this meeting:
    Steve will: develop full blueprints ready for the permit process
    You will: work on completing the materials selection list that Steve provides

  3. Final Design Approval. Steve presents the full plans for the project. He reviews the project proposal, including drawings, payment schedule and specifications/allowances. When the design is approved and the contract signed, you pay the deposit and set the schedule for construction. Your dream is on its way to becoming reality!
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