Company History

Sometimes getting laid off from your job is the best thing that can happen to you. For Dovetail owner, Steve Wiest, a 1990 layoff prompted him to go out on his own, get his contractor’s license and see what he could make of it.

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From his years as a carpenter Steve had a decent pickup truck and a few basic tools. He started out as Steve Wiest Construction, and accepted jobs he could manage with the tools he had. His dad helped out by letting him raid the shop on the farm for an air compressor, ladders, and other things as he needed them.

Drawing up plans at a desk in a spare bedroom and with tools and building materials in the garage, the business was begun. Steve figured he would keep going as long as jobs kept coming. If things got too slow, he could always look for a job in construction or facilities management again.

Jobs did keep coming his way--a new home for a farm manager, rehabilitating an old school house, a master bath addition. Before long it was pretty clear that Steve Wiest Construction was going to thrive.

After trying his hand at various types of jobs, Steve determined that remodeling suited him best. It tapped into his love for problem-solving and allowed him to be hands-on for the whole process – from drawing the design to framing the walls, fitting the pipes and running the wiring. This wasn’t going to be a business that just managed subcontractors for various tasks. Steve knew that for a job to be done right and on schedule, he needed to do it all himself.

Remodeling also made use of another interest – architectural history. Steve’s collection of books on various styles of architecture grew and became an important resource as he took on projects with historic interest. He researched Victorian homes and created a carriage-house-style garage for a Victorian farm house. He restored the authentic Craftsman details (fireplace, stair rail, etc.) to a 1915 bungalow living room.

He loved the challenge of making room additions look like they had always been there—what he came to call his “seamless additions.” He took pride in returning poorly remodeled kitchens to their original glory with period tile, fixtures and cabinet work.

Steve’s first employee joined him in 1992. With his own name and reputation at stake with every job, Steve was always careful to select carpenters that shared his core values – people who were trustworthy and respectful in the homes where they worked and who understood that quality was of top importance.

Over the years Steve has added quality professionals to his team. His crew includes one master craftsman with a Bachelor of Arts degree in construction management and another who ran a cabinet shop for fifteen years.

The company had grown into much more than one determined guy in a pickup, so in 2009 Steve Wiest Construction became Dovetail Remodeling. Steve’s face is still the first one that clients come to know as they work through plans in designing their project. But it’s the whole Dovetail crew – a skilled and committed team of craftsmen—who do the hands-on work that turn those dreams and drawings into real living space.

The Dovetail team works together building artwork to live in.

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